Bake Ambient Occlusion (New question)

I just wondering that is it possible to bake Ambient Occlusion with out joining all items to same object. Now it seems to bake only items inside that specific object.
I should make some graphics to our 3D game (DarkBasic) and this would make my life so much easier.

Do you get my idea;)?
You can´t see any mark of Ambient Occlusion on texture.

There´s a scrip around to bake multiple textures at once. I just could not find it on the quick you got to search on your own or wait for someone to post it who´s got it bookmarked.

Seeing your UV layout you have overlapped geometry, so baking will not be properly in the first place.

Additionally, you can join UVs, you don´t have to join all the objects, they can share one texture each using portions of it.

On a related subject, I’ve been having some trouble with AO baking in 2.58, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t seem to work (on single items).

Thanks! The scrip sounds good to me and it could make things easier, but I have also trouble to find it. Now we must hope that someone have it bookmarked.

EDIT: I solve my problem. You must select all these objects which you want effects to your baked object. Not just one, that you are going to bake =D


You should look into “gile[s]” and “DeleD”

Both free tools for light baking…
gile[s] quite good once you get to handle it, even supports GI.
DeleD is not as flexible but easier to handle IMO.

And if you don´t want to use your results commercially, you could check out Unity3D it has a lightmapper and baker on board, i think the free version just lacks indirect lighting. Well and commercial usage :wink:

Yeah, whatever is selected will get baked.
Also, if you are on Windows you need to do a full bake before you do an AO bake, not sure why. I use Linux for Blender so I can’t remember exactly why you have to do this on Windows.
And, remember to save the image you are going to bake to before you bake or it won’t work, right?

@arexma: thanks for the tip about using one texture for many objects.

Yes! Loopduplicate, I try to remember it =)

Unity3D looks awesome and pretty easy to use, but I still wait some new tutorials coming up. It is cool that Blendercookie has realized some tuts about exporting objects to Unity3D. Let´s see what happen in the future.


Also, if you are on Windows you need to do a full bake before you do an AO bake

Sometimes. Not usually for me. But AO is fussy sometimes. Like a little baby. “No! I won’t!!”

Do you have any good examples about lightmapping workflow.
I have try to use Unity´s lightmapping board, but because I don´t use Unity for my game engine its hard to get objects and materials out of that program.

Tell me the best way texturing and baking objects, in that way I have only one nice looking texture at the end which I can easily upload my game, please :o