Bake: AO + Texture, its possible?

i’m trying to bake my model texture to use in game, but all tutorials i saw about bake use a spot light to static stuffs, my model is a character, witch has movement, so, ambient oclusion its perfect, but i need also the texture

there are a way to bake an ao + texture, without set any lights
like in 3ds max + vray, that u set a GI (global ilumination) and bake your model

so, i guess that ao + texture bake is a way to do it in blender
somebody know how to do that, or know another way to do it ? :confused:

tks =]

nvm, i did !! :smiley:
short tutorial:

delete all your lights
go to object mode
select your model, press F5 to go to the Shading Buttons
then, at right, select the “World button” (a world picture lol)
find the Amb Occ Tab, enable Ambient Oclusion by clicking at the button
after that, go to the bake buttons (at Render Buttons, F10)
open the UV Image Editor
unwrap smart your mesh, (select all in edit mode, then press U, last option)
create a new image at UV Image Editor window
then select Full Render at bake buttons
and do the Bake!


very very short tutorial:
enable ambient oclusion in your object, and bake full render on it


Well, you can place your model in an Layer where you do not have any lights and switch oh AO, then the “Full Render”-Bake should do what you want…

yes, i did that
and i posted here the solution, but i dont know where the reply is
anyway, it works =]
tks for reply

Good thing that you found solution to problem, but I have been struggling with exactly same problem. Would be nice to know how to fix it.:wink: