Bake armature animation to mesh

(Tuxedose) #1

Hello, my name is Johnny and I am new here.

I have a bit of a problem in blender. I have a hard time finding a way to bake an animation to a mesh, so that I can delete the armature and still keep the animation in the mesh. I have tried the bake action command, since I thought that was the solution, but I can’t seem to get that working.

I was wondering if there is anyone who can give me step by step instructions to help me get the results that I need.

Thanks in beforehand for the help :slight_smile:

(K Horseman) #2

That is not at all what that button is for.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do here. You want to create an animation and then get rid of the armature (which is in fact the thing being animated), but keep the animation. Why would you ever want to get rid of your armature in the first place? The whole point of the armature is that it animates your mesh.

(BlenderBoy55) #3

You can’t bake an animation to a mesh!!
You can only bake the animation from one armature to another armature. To do this, you must make sure your mesh is rigged or is parented to an armature. I am assuming you understand how to target the animation from one rig to another. If you don’t, check Youtube on how to do so. And now to bake the animation,
first select the rig with the animation and select your rig last.
then bring up the bake menu. In the bake options check “clear constraints” and check “pose” clear the other 2 options. then hit OK.
now you can delete the rig you don’t want.

After reading your question a few more times i realize something…

Do not Delete the armature! Leave it! The armature is like your bones, it holds and guides the deformation of your mesh, which is your flesh in the real world. You can’t transfer an animation from armature to mesh! period.
There is no need to bake anything.


I think in Maya you can bake the animation to the mesh and be able to get rid of the rig while keeping the animation intact. I think the verts take the positions that the joints moved them to and solidify them for each key. But Blender seems to not do that. Its very handy when editing the rig and the rig doesnt break as easily as in Maya but I have run into problems. For example when exporting objects animated with curves.

I am looking into this too as a way to fix that exact problem.