Bake childrens world position relative to parent current position


So first off, if this info is out there I apologies, I looked around and did not find what I was looking for.

I am making a walk cycle and I am using an offset bone that is between my root bone and my rig bones to offset the character every step and get a continuous walk cycle without having to animate everything from scratch.

What I wonder is:
Is there a way to bake the offset bone (parent) transforms to it´s children and zero the offset bone in the process?

Something similar is possible in Motionbuilder where a control rig enable you to re-position the root and the bake the result on the base rig. A way to have a similar set up in Blender would be super helpful.

I hope this is making some sense and just a nudge in the right direction would be helpful.

Current Hierarchy:
Offset Bone
Rest of the rig (hand controllers and foot controllers etc)

Yes, but you won’t necessarily have the same interpolation. Just like with any bake, I guess.

Duplicate the children of the offset bone and the root to a new armature. Give them copy transform constraints, world->world, targeting the original children of the offset bone. Parent them to the duplicated root. Bake visual keyframes to your new armature. Now the transforms have been recalculated as if they were parented to the root rather than the offset.

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This is what I needed! Thank you Bandages!