Bake cloth or fluid animation into BGE


Is there a way to bake a physics calculation into a BGE animation?

I want to make some sort of theather curtain that opens and closes, pulled from one side, but I want the animation to be always exactly the same. I don’t want go realtime, since the results can change each iteration, and might possibly lead to objects trespassing each other and stuff.

I tried baking, but it doesn’t play in BGE mode. Also it didn’t let me apply the cloth modifier because I had mesh keys. So I tried doing it with Bullet, then using the “Record game physics to IPO” option, but it only records position and rotation, not mesh deformation.

Thank you!

Is it possible? I want that too

you can do the cloth simulation as usual then
make a new object and switch retopo on an do the retopo process for severel important frames (and make shape keys by the way) useful?

the best way to do water is animated normal maps.