bake cycles and any other rendering engine

hi everyone, i’m working on a script for bake cycles rendering lighting and any other render engine, it creates an orthografic camera and moves it through every polygon on the mesh , it’s very slow but it produces good results, i didn’t found how to convert the mesh polygons to triangles so it only works for triangle meshes ( it renders each polygon how many times as triangles has the polygon when it should render the polygon just a time)

since it’s based on the current rendering engine, it has to access to the render result image pixels, there is not a direct way for do this so it first saves the render result then reload it from disk for all polygons , so it’s very inefficient, being the main problem the massive number of E/S operations

sorry for my bad english hehe

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Great idea and interesting approach! I’m sure some people will find this very useful. Cycles is a slow render engine as it is, so people are used to waiting :wink: I’m impressed

This is actually a very cool approach to baking lightmaps. It’s not very efficient but maybe it can inspire some other people to improve it further. It is truly a very exciting find, thank you so much :slight_smile:

I say: ‘Wow! Brilliant stuff!’.
Because, in V-Ray has that function with GI, but if you’ll make it on Cycles then it will be great. So please, stay on your this idea! Best regards.