Bake cyclic curve modifier graph editor

Hello, I’m looking for an answer but I can’t find it. do you know how to bake a cyclic curve on the graph editor, I have a modifier on my curves and I’m trying to freeze it up to a given frame

Tahnk you very much

If you want the modifier to only apply on certain frame, you can use the Restrict parameters of the modifier to do that :slight_smile:

You can also Apply the modifier, which will “bake” it, but that’s a destructive operation. It will override your original keyframes and replace them. Just to be warned

Thank you Joseph Hansen but as you can see on the image there are all the curves of a walk cycle, so I did ctrl shift M to apply the cycle to all the curves, so I don’t have access to the modifier that one curve after another, so for the restriction it’s hellish, there must be 2000 curves. I don’t see where the “bake” option is, if you have an answer. Thanks a lot ! :thinking:

You can bake an f-curve modifier in by using a copy transforms constraint on some other object, with the same parent and inverse, and then using a “bake action” operation on that object, with visual keying.

But that’s not going to be practical for your 2000 curves, not without scripting, and if you felt like scripting, there’s almost certainly a faster solution.

Probably, an f-curve modifier on all of your bones is not the easiest way to do this, and particularly if you want to keep some control over how and when things are cyclic, NLA would work better.

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