Bake fully textured model (multiple textures) to UV-Map howto???

Hey everyone I’m sorry if this has been asked before. But I’ve searched for an up-to-date answer/tutorial for 2 days now.
I’m trying to bake my textured mesh (which uses 4 individual textures) to a single UV-Map so i can use the model ingame.
But everytime i use the bake funktion it uses just 1 Texture (the last one used) for all the faces (even the ones with other textures).
Also the output UV-Mapped Texture is really blurry. I’ve watched/read serveral tutorials on this but they are all outdated OR I’m doing something horribly wrong. Please help :frowning:

The post is obsolete as i allready posted in another thread. only the thread didn’t show up yesterday.
Can this be deleted please ?