'Bake Image' gives always black result

I’m trying to bake image over an object sculpted with Dynamic Sculpt.
The object has proper UV map, and baking starts and proceeds, though, just at the end, all goes black and stops.
This happens whatever kind of baking I’m attempting, textures, vertex paint, AO, etc.

I tried with a simple cube and other objects and it works correctly.
I tried with previous versions of blender until 2.69 (r60991) and it works fine.

So, must be there a bug in recent revisions, but I can’t attach the current not-working file due to its size, nor I’m able to reproduce the issue in other files.

Can someone confirm the issue, or give any advise about it?

Thank you,

I assume from your post that you are using a development build rather than a stable version.

If that is so, report it as a bug

If the example file size is too big, reduce it or host file somewhere else. Also state the blender version and OS etc. Without more info I’m not sure how anyone is expected to give a precise solution (if it is not a bug)

Yes, Richard, I’m using latest revisions compiled by myself.
I would like to report the bug but, as I told, the failing file is way too big, and I cannot reproduce it in other scenes, so I was asking around, maybe someone else have had this issue with other files.


Still trying to reproduce the issue, at a certain point I got a simplified sculpture and scene that still displayed the error, but after saving and reopening, the issue disappeared and Bake worked fine… grrr