bake is not as good as ordinary render

Sounds a bit basic but am I expecting too much.

I have a gold object which renders beautifully in the ordinary render, great refelections, lighting raytracedetc. I need to put it into a 3D viewer so wish to bake the texture.

When I bake the texture it does not look anything like the quality of the ordinary image. Am i doing soemthing wrong or is there a way to get that superb render quality into my baking?

Hope someone can help

Tank :confused:

Render baking does not and can not include spec shading, reflections, refractions, or anything that depends on the viewing angle. That’s by definition - an texture must be static, whereas those effects change depending on the angle that you’re looking at the surface.

Thanks for that. It was kind of what I wanted to know so as to stop me trying to reach the impossible.

Guess I’ll have to do some pseudo realist orthographic elevation renders and paste them into the baked jpg …bit long winded though…of course, unless anyone knows a better way??

Thanks again, much appreciated.


“Baking” is a short-cut!