bake looks terrible

Hi guys,
I have a technical model (this is only one very small part) of a large machine, which crashed my GPU memory (6GB), so I had to work hard top reduce the model complexity and vertices.
I then thought I should learn to bake to further reduce memory and/or render times, but the baked model looks terrible. Perhaps it’s because it’s not an easy model to UV-unwrap, or perhaps baking doesn’t work so well for this kind of thing.

If you can take a look at the model and let me know if it’s my lack of skill in applying a proper bake method, or whether making isn’t really going to work here, it would be greatly appreciated.

I should also note, that i’m hoping to reduce it to just a plain box with no bolts or divots, but that these can be seen using the baked texture of the higher poly version. If that’s really not possible, please let me know the best way to improve the render time.

Thanks in advance

DP for Blender Artists.blend (1.44 MB)


You are going to have to be a bit more specific about what looks terrible.
I downloaded your model, checked the render and baked the textures to reapply them and the two results look pretty close to me

e.g. rendered {just lowres viewport}

then after UVUnwrap - smart project

Best of luck


Thanks Martin,
I might have miss represented my issue.
What I have done is create a relatively high poly (although significantly lower poly than my original) model. My aim was to create an even smaller model that does not have the physical bolts and divots on it (see Plain_DP image) and have the higher poly baked texture mapped onto it.

I have rendered the original with reasonable samples to show the result and then have shown the baked texture on the Plain_DP object.

Perhaps I can’t do that - i.e. fake the bolts and divots with the texture, but I thought they’re simple enough that it should work OK. I assume it’s my poor unwrapping of the high poly model, or how I’m baking, seeing that you don’t appear to have the same issues. But it really doesn’t look great.

It looks like the Image you use for baking is too low res. Try increasing the resoultion when you create the image.