Bake lowpoly from a highpoly in cycles

I have been searching how to do this for a while and as far as i know its possible to do it since blender 2.71 … anybody knows how to do it? or knows a tutorial about it…
all i have found is a video in what i assume is french… but i dont really know… and its tricky following along without understanding what is said in the video…

i hope im not asking this in the wrong section… if so… im sorry

If you know the process of baking high-poly to low poly using old method of baking, you already know most of the process. If not here’s a tutorial on blender cookie for that:

The difference between Cycles normal map rendering is pretty straigtforward.

Heres a video tutorial for you that i was able to find on cycles baking(in English! :))
Blender 2.71 Cycles baking using Cages

How thats of some help to you

Thanks for the reply… i was learning this from blender cookie but i thought that blender render was obsolete now… so i wanted to learn it in cycles… and yeah… its pretty much the same as blender internal but with much better results at least in my 1 day experience…

i just have one doubt, if you could answer this for me i would be grateful… the highpoly has to the smaller that low poly? (i get that the cage mesh has to be bigger for this to work properly, but i get strange results when the lowpoly and highpoly are about the same size)

Well i was more referring to the process of baking in Cycles, not the results. Cycles is far superior to Blender Internal baking in that regard. That was poor wording on my part…

Typically, the high poly mesh and lowpoly mesh dffer in size only by a small amount, so the meshes will overlap in places but if you have a proper cage setup, this shouldnt be a problem. Would you mind posting a picture of the result your getting? That will help me better determine the cause.

Thats my best result so far… of a fire hydrant

then i tried to correct a few things… and suddenly i cant make it to work properly again…

but thats almost the same result i used to get at first… i suppose that the cage was the problem at the begining but right now… i really dont know whats happening

Hey Jaguier, sorry for the long wait to reply.

I can’t say for sure what is causing those errors in your baking, I haven’t come across that issue before when baking(at least not to that extreme). I think the best thing to do would be to import your highpoly and lowpoly mesh into a new blend file and try baking it that way.

Or you could bake in xNormal with an exported projection mesh(cage) and see if that yeilds better results. Wish I could be of more help to you. :frowning:


Okay, so I just had the same exact issue as you and found a way to fix it(at least this worked for me).

All I did was delete my cage mesh, recreate another one and created a new texture in the UV/image edit window.
Walahhh, a clean bake. :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!