Bake makes texture blurry.

Im running Blender 2.49b, and whenever I bake from one UV layer to another, the image gets blurry. How do I fix this? I just want the bake to retain the image quality.

Humm, baking UV layer to different layer, what are you trying to accomplish?

I created a second UV Layer so that I could map the geometry of a female torso to a square fabric texture so there is less distortion around the breasts, then bake back to the UV unwrap that is not so squareish.

I also need to bake from one UV layer to another when I make any additions to the geometry since the new polygons won’t pick up texture unless I do a fresh unwrap.

i dont get the problem,
one sample image
with an repeated texture mapped to cube and human-mesh.
Texture-image is not only mapped as color, as normal too …


The problem is that new additions to the geometry will not pick up the image data unless I do a fresh UV unwrap of the entire mesh on a new UV layer. Baking from one UV layer to another is the easiest way to preserve the texture. The problem is that baking is making the image blurry.

what do you expect? Do you really think the conversion of the image-data will get better if scaled, reduced, etc.?
What i showed is different. Dont use for such regular textures like cloth-fabric a uv-unwrap, that will be changed later over and over again. Only bake it at the last step and use generic mapping the other time.
If you bake textures you will always loose quality. If you re-bake a already baked texture, this is like doing a not lossless save of an image again. And that will loose detail information always. One can only try to select a size, where the losing of this information is not very notable. There are internal blender limits about the size of the texture-image, special when using projection-painting the size of the new image for painting has to be very big - …
If you think you found some special bug-like error in the bake-process, why not poste an example, that demonstrates the problem?

Well if I apply the fabric texture your way, will it not lose image quality when it is baked to the final texture image? Because the texture needs to be exported as an image. This is not for animation, but for a video game engine other than game blender.

EDIT: I should note that I have tried baking to an image that is 10 times as large, but it made no difference.

you have to make a simple example what is going wrong for your setup!
Here is the baked jpg for the render above
and it is easy to see where the texture will be “blurry” because the uv-faces are small at those parts. I did not make a special unwrap with seams, just used the smart uv-unwrap and scaled a bit down to fit into the 1024x1024 image-size.
The pink parts are faces set to another material …

Last again, like i said, i use not uv-texture to map this recessed-metallic-like texture to the body. If the body is rotated the texture will change its position, but it will not change if the position is not changed and it will be mapped in the same way if the resolution (added vertices) is changed. I did not use a cloth-material like wool or jeans to show that there are no big streches - maybe i should have taken the generated checkerboard-texture …