Bake Multiple Softbodies at Once?

I want to know if there’s a way to bake softbody sims for multiple objects at once. I have several softbodies in a scene, when I hit alt-a they all are simulated. I can hit bake for any one object in the physics buttons, and again, they are all simulated, but the bake only applies to that one object. If I want the others baked, I have to go to each object seperately and wait for the entire simulation again as that object bakes.

Any way to have them bake all at once? does that make sense? I’ve tried searching the forums, but typing in ‘bake’ or ‘physics’ or anything else I can think of gives so many irrelevant results, I haven’t found anything.


CTRL_B bakes all selected objects in one run
Not sure but i think holding down CTRL and click the bake button works too.
<edit> just tried it, only the hot key works </edit>

By the way, if you break the bake with SHIFT_ESC then baking until then is kept, so you can browse the results.
However there is no way to resume ( since velocities are not stored with the bake)