Bake Normal Map for Unreal srgb or non-color

if I want to bake a normal map for the Unreal Engine do I set the texture to srgb or to non-color.

When searching, alot of information says that you should allways set normal maps to non-color but some sources say that unreal requires srgb maps.

Srgb maps seem to look better, but what is the “correct” way?

bake to non-color. What you’re baking to is the internal buffer. When you save to png, tga, etc blender will convert the color space to sRGB. UE4 should detect the texture as a normal map, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to change the settings on the imported texture. If it looks backwards or way too dark you can tick the ‘invert Y channel’ checkbox in UE4. Make sure you’re using the correct compression settings for a normal map (bc5nm).

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Thank you very much :smiley:

Where can I find theses settings?

edit: Ah, the settings in Unreal. I was looking for bc5nm in Blender.

they’re in UE4. after you import the texture you can open it from the content browser. will open a new window or tab with access to all the texture settings.

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