Bake normal maps from screen set coordinates

Hi, guys :slight_smile: So i made a low poly model which i decided to use for a game but when i applied the texture and enabled normal maps, if the image is set to UV coordinates it comes out like 0002.jpg( the second image), but i want it to look like 0001.jpg( the first image) - so i enabled WIN coordinates but when i try to bake the win it doesn’t work - untitled2.jpg ( btw for UV it works and bakes great - untitled1.jpg ) ;( ! So my question - is there a way to bake the win applied texture or do i have to use uv :frowning: ? ( Sorry for my bad english, i’m bulgarian after all :smiley: )


Hmm… Strange issue.
Have you tried scaling the texture size? (right below texture offset)
I would try it at around 5 maybe.
A .blend file could help us to help you…