Bake On Multi Uv Texture Help !!!!

I need help with the a problem, i couldn’t find a answer at all anywhere in this forum.

I wan to bake the shadows into my uv texture, i followed this steps thru another tutorial, but got a problem, the second uv texture had the shadows but without the orginal texture if i delete the orginal uv texture that i baked from.

  1. Create a new UV (image new) and that will be your first and the one which will become the bake. (in the UV/Image Editor window)
  2. click the ‘new’ button by UV Texture in ‘Mesh’ and I would rename it ‘UV2’ - this creates a second UV which will be the one you bake from.
  3. Load your image into the UV/Image editor and unwrap as you wish.
  4. Assuming you have a material, go to textures and create a texture in the second slot, choose image and select your image from the drop down list by Load.
  5. back in materials, make sure you have the second texture slot selected. in Map input select ‘UV’ and enter UV2 in the ‘UV:’ text box.
    5 go back to Editing (F9) and select the + by the first UV - ‘UVTex’. In the UV/Image editor make sure the black new image is in place. in the UV Face Select window do unwrap smart projections.
    6 back in mesh in Editting reselect the second UV - UV2 and select the button next to the + as well
    7 in the UV Face select window do Alt Cntrl B and choose full render.

delete the second UV, delete the material and the First UV will be your backed UV texture.

This is my file, i hope someone can look into it and guide me with the problem. Thanks so much ppl.

up… some1 help =D

Whatever textures you have loaded into the textures channels (Texture tab in the Material buttons) will be baked to the image you created in the uv image editor window. DO NOT load one of your images into the uv window, use Image>New on the uv/image editor window’s header. When you are finished click the TexFace button. If you need to rebake be sure to disable the TexFace button.

I don’t think that will solve the issue. If I read correctly, he’s trying to bake an object that has uv coordinates, so it will have shadows.

Anyway, I had asked about this before, and yes the answer is there, it just may take a bit playing around, but you’ll eventually get it!

It will solve the problem: CTRL+ALT+Bake>Full Render to bake shadows and any textures enabled within the textures channels. It bakes the shadows and combined textures into an image loaded within the UV?Image editor for which you then enable “Shadeless” and “Tex Face” AFTER the baking process is finished.