Bake problem (sort of)

Hello guys, i’m working on my first animation but i seem to have a problem with baking (textures, render all, etc…), or i haven’t understand the usage of baking. I have tried all the available options but nothing seem to reduse my render time at all.

I haven’t tried to change the options below the bake mode button, does that have anything to do with this?

If you could help it would be much appreciated.

What are you actually trying to do ?

or i haven’t understand the usage of baking.
Render Baking wiki entry

I’ ve read the wiki and it says that if you bake the textures and others on your objects it will reduse the render time. I’ve tried to do it but i didn’t noticed any different than without doing it.

If you bake certain effects, you can skip rendering those effects because they are baked into the object’s textures. This is of limited use though, since once baked those textures don’t change with the environment. Baking a normals map from a high-polygon model onto a low-polygon model can reduce render time because there are fewer faces, for instance, but you lose some of the depth and dynamic shading that the high-polygon model had. You can bake lighting effects and then turn those off in the render, which will reduce render times at the expense of realism. It’s not just a magic cure-all though. You don’t just hit the bake button and instantly have shorter render times. It is a tool you can use as a part of an overall strategy, if you plan things out right. How that’s done exactly depends on what you’re trying to make, how you want it to look, and what resources you have available.

Thank you for the specification. To be honest, when i saw how quickly it was baking the scene, deep inside, i knew it was too good to be true…