bake procedurals into game-engine texturs?

Ok, I am going to make my first model designed to be viewed in real-time :o

I REALLY don’t like the UV mapper AT ALL and I shudder at the thought of having to make UV maps of all of my objects so that they can have some texture other than the material colors.

I am a big fan of procedural textures. Is there any way to bake the procedurals into image textures for the game engine? Is there an easy way to make textures for games that dosn’t involve UV mapping every last surface?

Hello Stephen2002

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If you plan to make games with Blender it’s better to
start to LIKE the UV texture editor.
Procedural textures don’t work on the game engine.
You can use plain colors with the Paint Vertex method
Good luck

I do not plan to make games with Blender

I wanted to make an interactive architectrual walkthrough type deal. I was not looking forward to UV mapping the buliding… so many faces. I guess I will just leave it gray and say that I left it like that due to lack of acess to the building to accuratly texture it.

It can’t be too hard to select all faces and then set the right cube map size.

You call it the way you like it :slight_smile:

It’s very easy to use the UV texture Editor
You Select your object, press F key to enter Select Faces mode,
and A key to select all the faces,
then Load your image and in the 3d window press U key, choose
from window in the pop menu and in the UV window grab and scale
the verts to fit the image.
53 seconds to a basic mapping

To skin a body character for a GAME is another story
Keep Blending

Oh, I know how to use the thing…it is just a pain to map anything much more complex than a cube…