bake radiosity / vertx paint

hi guys

is it somehow possible to bake the radiosity result or vertext information?


Unless I am mistaken that is what the add new meshes or replace meshes buttons are for in the radiosity buttons.

do you mean something else by bake than making radiosity information become part of the object?

(and if you want animated radiosity, use a raytracer)

what i mean is the possebility to safe the result of the vertx paint done by the radiosity engine into an image file so i can map this onto a new mesh.

reason: i have a mesh which contains the vertex info for shadow of the ring above the mesh.

i want to transfer that shadow now onto a new mesh which is flat but bigger in scale.

understand now what i mean?

geez, you guys, why dont you just get yafray and yable from instead of doing it the hard way? :-?

i would love to do it but since the python API is not working 100% under os x all export scripts i have tested do not work. so i am limited to the belnder engine.

i would love so much to get the scene exported into rib to use with 3delight as well…