Bake rendering problem

Hey guys.
I’m struggling with a one thing. I’m trying to bake a texture into an image file, but every time I bake it there are multiple black triangles covering most of the texture.
Anyone could point me to the right direction of how to solve that and get a nice and smooth image?

I tried to recalculate normals, map UVs again, add Subsurf, but nothing seems to work.
Here is the model to look at: playerChar.blend (1.51 MB)

Any advice anyone?

The problem is that you are using Cycles materials for a Blender Internal bake. You must use Blender Internal materials if you want to bake textures. Cycles 1) doesn’t currently support texture baking, and 2) you can’t mix Cycles and Internal materials directly (although it can be simulated with compositing and multiple scenes).

To fix: switch to Cycles renderer and remove all the materials from the mesh. Save the file, and close and re-open it to ensure the now unassigned material slots are cleared. Switch back to Blender internal, set up new Internal materials for each vertex group, and bake.