Bake settings not available. What am I missing? 2.82 cycles

I’m trying to bake a procedural texture to lower render times in Cycles, but can’t find the bake settings in the render tab. I’ve been searching around the web for an answer, but I’m not having any luck. Any idea what’s going on?

Try appending to a new file. If that is broken, your startup file may be broken. If so, check if bake panel comes back if you do load factory settings.

Haha, that fixed it… wonder what I messed up in that file.

I know this problem is solved, but I had a different problem which maybe helps others.
My bake tab was gone because I had used OptiX in a different project to render and had already switched back to CUDA there, but it had stayed on OptiX in the other file. So if you use OptiX, it’s worth checking if you have indeed already switched back to CUDA already.