Bake sound curve to value keyframes?

I recently saw the tutorial from cgcookie about making sound visualization.
Now here what i have…some objects with emitting materials. I want them to blink with the sound… Blinking is pretty easy - i just added two keyframes on their value…but i have no idea further what to do. In graph editor those value keyframes don’t appear also… Help.

You have inserted a key frame in materials emit? Then in graph editor you look and select the key frame form that directory on the left. Look under key and scroll to bake sound to f curve. then you choose the sound file. The new curve should be there. That the way I saw it done.
I can’t find that tutorial at cg cookie.
It was a real job in 2.49. This is very nice here in 2.5+. 2.49 needed a script , would crash,slow down 3d view to a stop, and then in ipo was very confusing.