'Bake Sound to F-Curves' contrariwise?

Hello. I am pretty much new to using blender, so please, don’t speak to me like I am pro :wink:

I am making Music Visualizer videos, and I wanted to make some particles in it. You know, when Music is louder, they will go faster, and they go slower when musc is more quiet. Like on Trap Nation.
I am not expirienced with particles, they always get me smh :spin: . Same today, I thaught I’m getting the hang of it, but now, I relize it’s not that easy…
This is where I am currently:

The particles will go slower when music goes up, because mass will increase with sound. Is there a way how to chenge it?
I want the particles to fly randomly all over the place, and I have that done. But the speed is not like I want it. Please, If you know how to help me, please tell me how to do it! I’M BEGGING YOU!

Can anyone lock this?

I discovered I can edit Points by hitting ‘N’ while in the graph editor and than make it “upside down”.