Bake sound to F-curves makes f-curves non-editable. How to fix this?

When I bake a sound file to an F-curve, the F-curve has no keyframes/control points and is completely non-editable. Only modifiers can be added to the curve. I tried baking the curve using Alt+C, but that has no effect either.

Does anyone know how to make this curve editable? The sound bake is marvellous but I want to be able to tune the animation myself too.


Hello, I’m also trying to do an animation based on a sound. I added a rotation keyframe to a gauge and baked the sound. But I need to scale up the amplitude and reposition the whole curve to manipulate the swing of the needle. Anyone with the same issue?

Acromartsu I don’t know if there is I would suggest letting the Blender group know that this is something people want is a way to edit the baked animation. I want it and I am sure others as well.

Being able to edit a baked animation is a bit counter-intuitive. Use Liero’s code to create an unbaked copy.

What does that mean? I’ve seen similar comments about this feature around here over and over. That’s like saying there’s no reason anyone should ever want to edit a mocap result so let’s just hard-code it in so no dabblers get confused.

Anyway, thanks for the scripts and addons. The time and work and sharing you coders do around here is appreciated by many including me.


Hi Larry,

It seems to me there’s a reason it’s called baked… like a chicken or a piece of pottery, once it’s baked it’s baked. This was my point there.

However making a resampled or “unbaked” copy that is editable is a useful feature no doubt.

It seems to me you are a bit arrogant in your reply to me. It seems to me.

We have enough of that in this forum already.

Yeah baked means baked, but you used that statement to shoot down Softwarespecial. That’s what didn’t make sense to me.

The tool is incomplete unless you just want simple pushbutton animation. So if somebody wants to push for it to be fixed so animators can give it the human touch without a hassle then I say go for it.

Going through the find and beg the dev routine every time a Blender release screws the addon script is ridiculous since the tool is already in there minus what these external scripts do. … edit: the editable curves bit that is.


I apologize, wasn’t my intention at all.

No apology necessary. And yeah I’m probably being too thin-skinned this morning. That means it’s time I took a break from the net forums for a few days.

Hey I’m checking out your speaker tools addon now. First glance… wow.

Thanks again.


BatFinger it may say baked but think of it more like a mold. Once you get the product out of the mold it is not usually finished it is just in the right shape. Yet it may need some details here or there like the silicone masks or ears if we reference hobbits. They are made but need color and somethings need a tweak here or there. Bake just means it translates that to something else. Not it should never be changed. Like I can bake a texture map but may want to change something or I found helpful is I can bake a normal map. If I have some pattern made by cloud texture and I want to bake it I can and then change what ever I need to. When it comes to 3D or Programming nothing is as it seems.

Or Lets take a litterally example of baking like when a cake company bakes a cake they don’t just bake it and keep it looking like that. They will cut it carve it. That is mostly the custom bake shops. Like on the TV. It is baked but it is not kept as is but it is carved cut and changed after words.

When I first came across “bake sound to fcurve” I too wanted to be able to edit them. On searching I found this, well for a previous version,


Baking a curve replaces it with a set of sampled points, and removes the ability to edit the curve.

This was my point that I got whacked for.

Yet when baking something like a sound to it or affecting it that way then its doubtful it would ever be exactly how you want so in that way it would be needed to edit it. So we should do a Feature Request to add that. Specially since I have been doing a lot of testing with using speaking baked to a mouth and it works nicely for the open close. You would probably still need to key Frame animate the details but it still saves time. :slight_smile:


there are two ways already mentioned in this thread.

  1. Run Liero’s script. Have your object that has the baked fcurves selected, then run the script from the tools panel, this will effectively give you an unbaked copy of the baked curves, which you can edit.

  2. Bake the sound to a custom property, then use the property as input to drive your shape key. This is how my speaker tools addon works.

batFINGER I got that still it is nice to have a tool already a part of normal Blender for allowing just normal edit of the Fcurve that and it is not that bad for ShapeKey its Armature that its really needed to be able to change. Still those two will do for now.