Bake texture from one UV set to another

Hi everyone,

I am working on creating some game assets and am trying to figure out the best way of texturing the environment pieces. For background, the game takes place on a spaceship and we’re using a modular approach for level building and modeling. Here is a sample wall module:

We textured that by slicing up UVs and placing them at various points around several tiling textures until we got the look we wanted. This lets us texture super fast and easily do iterations, but results in horrible stacked UV layouts and doesn’t allow us to make AO maps or paint in custom details.

So, I was wondering if it would be possible to bake the textures as they are on the model to a clean set of nicely arranged UVs. I would love to not have to custom build each texture for each module in Photoshop, but I don’t even know if it’s possible. I’ve done a decent amount of Googling on the subject, but most answers are using old versions of Blender or don’t meet my needs.


What do the other modules look like?

Yes its possible. (i’ve been doing this)

But it so fucked up in Blender that i cant give You clear answer how to do this simply.

You mean you have a complicated set of UVs that you need to get the proper look and now you want to bake all of that onto a simple uvmap. That is very simple. You add a new uv layer to the mesh and unwrap the mesh the way you want. It is important that you don’t use this uvmap in the material. Then, you create a new empty image to that new uvlayer and click bake.

Gorion103 makes it sound so hard that I am wondering if this is actually what you are trying to do, because to me it seems pretty straightforward.

The hall modules are all pretty similar, so the baked texture could be reused across all of them with the changed pieces using a texture atlas or something. Here’s a few of them:

@PhysicsGuy That’s exactly what I am wanting to do. I had tried that method before with bad results, but after reading your post I realized what my problem was: I had forgotten to tell the textures in the material which UV set to map to. n00b mistake, but it’s working now =) Thanks for your help!

yep, multiple UV channels, bake the original to the new channel, save the image, and change the active channel. delete the old one if you want, once you’ve baked to the new one.

Hi there, im trying this as well and cant seem to get the wanted result using cycles. I have this mesh which has certain parts uv unwrapped, it uses the same texture only 2 different uv unwraps. I cant seem to combine them on the proper uv (combined_tex).

I dont really understand what im doing wrong here, when i render it looks perfect