Bake texture glitch

Ok so i’ve been having an issue with baking. I get the error “no textures found to bake to”. I know how to bake and i know i’m doing it right. I just dont know why its doing that. so just to make sure i’ll put the steps that i’m doing.

1: unwrap the model.
2: make a texture and save it.
3: in edit mode select all and in the uv image editor slap the texture on.
4 go back into object mode.
5 bake.

when i hit bake it thinks a little and then the texture goes blank in the uv editor, then the error appears.

also when i go into edit mode the texture comes back to the uv editor.

wondering what i’m doing wrong. oh also i made a default plane and it wont work. but when i open a new blend and do the same thing it works. weird huh?