Bake textures with non-color data

I’m trying to bake some textures but they will only work properly when set to sRGB. For texture maps such as roughness, I want them to be non-color data rather than sRGB.

See this image. On the left the material is rendered exactly how I want it to look, except that the image texture node has to be set to sRGB.

When set to non-color, this happens:

Hi Martin,

Before you bake out the roughness map be sure to set the colour Space to Non Linear on the texture node itself. It will, of course, then be wrong if you set it to sRGB. Alternatively you can add a Gamma node with a value of about 2.2 after the texture node which will compensate for the sRGB colourspace being used for a grayscale channel.


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That makes sense, I just tested it out and it works.


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