Bake to F Curve Graph Editor wave form is longer than Video Editing Wave form

I am trying to animate a character talking using bake to f curve.
What happens is importing the same audio file to the video editor and then to the graph editor.
Results in a longer wave form in the graph editor.
So the sound ends and the animation is still going.
The limit modifier would cut the frame at the start only.
Does any one have any experience with this?

I have done quite a lot of baking sound to F-curve and have not seen the problem you are describing… However, make sure that the frame counter is at 1 or the start of the animation before you do the bake, other than that, post the blend file with its sound file and I will look at it next week when I get home. You will probably need to PM me to get my email if you want to send blend file and sound file, I don’t think you can post sound files here, you might use Dropbox though?

Cheers, Clock.

Not sure yet how to post a .blend file.
Tried baking to f curve on a head only mesh and it works fine timing is on.
When I try to bake to f curve with a body added to the same mesh the timing is off.
I will post the .blend files of both when I find out how.

Solved Sync Mode was set to No Sync. When set to AV-sync it works well.