"Bake To Keyframes" doesn't work as expected with Rigid Body Contraints


I used the Cell Fracture Tool to break a cube in pieces.

I add contraints with the Bullet Constraints Tools between pieces. The pieces fell and were broken by hitting the ground, no problem.

The problem happens when I want “Bake To Keyframes” my simulation.

Here is the wall at the end :

And once I “Bake To Keyframes” :

All pieces have their origins at the same place ??!

I tried this : “Bake” in Rigid Body Cache panel, remove all Contraints and “Bake To Keyframes” in Rigid Body Tools but same thing :(.

It happens too if I selected only one piece and click “Bake To Keyframes”. It drives me crazy.

Anyone knows to fix this ?

Ok, I figured it out. It’s because the cube I have fractured has been moved parented to an other object and unparented using “Keep Transformation”.