Bake Tool in Blender - Spot the error in my workflow?

I select many faces in my ‘walls’ object
I smart UV unwrap
In bake tool I select the object and choose a combined export
UV is selected

I bake, and wait and don’t really get the texture I’m looking for (see images).
each room has an area light.

Any tips? Maybe @LordOdin

Not sure, never used bake tool. It looks like you might have multiple UV maps?

Hello there, I think Grant Abbit has a wonderful tutorial about the many errors you can encounter with baking addons, I never actually used yours tough.

-Are you baking Lightmaps? In case try the Lightmaps UV option under the smart one, it could give you better results :slight_smile:

-Have you tried switching to Atlas, instead of Individual? Usually is an option for many objects selected together, I suspect its not your case, but it’s not clear.

This is what was suggesting LordOdin
-In the panel where you can find Vertex Groups and Shape Keys, click on UV maps and check for doubles. The Addon is probably baking the one you set on rendering.

-Last and Least, but this depends on what you’re doing, you have some Islands that are intersecting, it’s not Ideal.

Bye there, happy Blending :melting_face: