Bake UV textures in Cycles

If I understand right, for baking textures in Cycles I need to do this steps:

  1. Create new texture in UV editor
  2. Add node “Image texture” in Node Editor for each material and choose created texture in this node (image texture)
  3. Click Render > Bake (Combined)

Does it possible to reduce step 2 ? If I have 10 or more materials I will need to add “Image Texture” node for each of them. This procedure is rather laborious. Does it exists a method to multiple add one node for many materials?

Nope, step 2 is essential and must be done for every material on the object. It is a bit of a pain, but if you highlight the image texture node and ctrl+c, you can simple ctrl+v to paste it into each material via the node editor.

Selecting image texture node and filling in needed image might be boring - drag image selector image icon from UV editor menu and drop in node editor. Ctrl-C/V as in previous post.

Did NOT know you could do that, cool tip. Thanks Eppo! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

You’re welcome ;).
Btw, you can drag&drop objects, lamps from Outliner to 3d view too. Use icons, not the names. To drop in some Groups Outliner needs to be in Group display mode.