Bake Wrangler - Node based baking tool set

Good to know!

I have discovered an interesting thing about Drivers. Normally they don’t seem to update values in the custom node tree. BUT if you link any value from the node tree as a driver to an external property it suddenly starts working?!

External properties linked into the tree still don’t see to work though.

Example steps:

  1. Create tree
  2. Create a custom property on your scenes World, it can be anything
  3. Right click on any numeric value on a node and ‘Copy as Driver’
  4. Right click on your Worlds custom property and ‘Paste as Driver’
  5. Now any drivers you create within the node tree will work! Link all your Samples and X/Y inputs with drivers.


I do have one more small update to fix the subsurface pass in old node trees, make the preference categories collapsible, add the ‘Edge’ mode to ‘Cavity’ pass and include the tile size change for emit passes (in my tests this didn’t give as big a performance boost as in the video, but it was a little bit faster so seems worth). But I would like to wait and see if anyone can find more bugs before I drop it…

I’m also going to report the driver thing and see if someone at Blender will fix it.

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Yes I had read that subsurface is no longer supported in 2.83 and it was removed from the baking. I had also deleted all files from the previous version of bake wrangler and installed rc5 and then build a node tree from scratch in a new test scene.
Therefore I was a bit surprised to see this error message again.

Yeah, it’s because the setting is still saved in your .blend file. Replacing the Pass node will clear it, but I have fixed the problem in the latest build. Just waiting to see if there is anything else I need to fix.

Unfortunately my previous ‘fix’ only half solved the issue while also making it worse. I made it so you can’t turn subsurface pass on, but that meant you also can’t turn it off it was saved previously as being on…

Actually… I can give you a code snippet to run in blender to turn it off…

import bpy
for tree in
    for node in tree.nodes:
        if node.bl_idname == "BakeWrangler_Bake_Pass":
            node.use_subsurface = False
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So I’m getting nonsense results for GPU baking on my 1080Ti. CPU works fine. Is GPU baking currently broken?
Also, what happened to the usual baking UI in the latest 2.90 builds?

There shouldn’t be any problems with GPU. Does it work when you render a scene normally in Cycles with GPU? The only issue I can think of is if your GPU isn’t set up in Blender or maybe if the settings weren’t saved. (Though if this is in b2.90, there could be any number of issues)

I’m not seeing any thing different in 2.90 to usual?

I have a 2080Ti and baking with GPU in Blender 2.83 works for me.

Yeah, normal rendering works fine on GPU, it’s just baking that’s affected.

Also, anyone know a way to make Node Wrangler spit out the Curvature bake as a linear image directly? With neutral grey at 0.5?
Edit: ah, nevermind, found it.

All I can suggest is to make sure the GPU is configured in Blender and that the settings have been saved… Though generally there isn’t much if any difference in performance between CPU and GPU for baking when I test. (maybe because I don’t have a super fancy GPU)

Hey, this is an amazing tool! But I think I found an issue:

I have a model with couple PBR materials applied to it and I’m trying to bake it to one texture set. But for some reason baking roughness maps results in a really smooth roughness map and the details are lost, which is kind of stange. Does anyone know why this happens?

I mean, yeah, it’s no big deal, I was just wondering if I should report a bug. Seeing as it’s in 2.90 which is alpha and with the traditional baking UI just removed, I think I’ll hold off.

There are a number of factors. Firstly, do you have an Alpha value on any of your Princpled BDSF’s other than 1?

If not it’s probably something to do with your ‘Color Space’ and or image format. What output space and format are you using?

Yeah I used Alpha to setup a custom pass to render displacement maps from two texture sets into one. That model was out sourced, so it came with the textures already.

And yeah, It works now. I just need to think of a new way to setup custom passes :smiley:

I’ve been thinking of making some different passes for Principled… Where it would ignore all the inputs other than that specific one…

The thing is I don’t know if it’s correct to factor the Alpha into Roughness, etc for PBR. It’s what Blender does, but I’m not convinced it’s what it should do?

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I’m loving the potential this addon has, only it always fails the bake for me, no matter what settings or objects… Using 2.83.1 and RC5, I don’t know why it’s not working to be honest…

Nevermind, apparently it really doesn’t like non-blender colour configs. Even if said configs have the exact same Non-Colour transform.

Something I’ve noticed, is that GPU baking is slower for me than CPU baking. I have an R7 2700X with 3000Mhz ram, vs a Radeon VII. I honestly expected the VII to be way faster.

(sorry to bombard this thread) I’ve discovered that when baking diffuse etc, any meshes included can cast shadows on the other baking meshes, giving weird baking errors unless you hide said target objects from render view.

How does Bake Wrangler do the Curvature pass? It’s kind of inconsistent and noisy no matter how many samples you throw at it, like it were a sobel filter on a normal map bake or maybe one cavity map overlaid on an inverse one, with some areas darkened where they shouldn’t be. :confused:

Also, can we have a pass that bakes the Viewport Color of the materials? Useful as a Material ID pass for use in Substance.

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ive noticed the same with the curvature pass, perhaps a system where it would fill in the colour dependent on edge angle would work allot better than the weird effect we have now.

Yeah, Alpha should not influence the Principled BSDF in any other way. If I remember correctly there were a lot of debate whether to include Alpha as part of it.

Custom Passes would be great, but besides Alpha, I’m using the Metallic input for baking other maps like AO from the multiple AO textures to one AO map in 2nd UV channel. I know that it’s a hacky way but it works rather well. I’m not sure how to explain but, but mainly Bake Wrangler is a huge time saver when it comes to copy-pasting (baking) multiple PBR texture sets to custom UV arrangement.

Can you provide me an example set up of this happening? Maybe a .blend? It really shouldn’t…

@Piotr_Adamowicz The Curvature pass is generated by using the normal map values. The color determines what direction it gets offset in. Don’t worry, I don’t like it either. It works for some models and not so much for others. It is based on an example of converting normals to curves, but they used like a million guasian blurs to smooth it out.

I’ve always planned to replace it with something that doesn’t use the normals.

As to other passes, yes you can have all of them (assuming they are possible to generate within blender) :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t been adding passes because of focusing on getting all the core stuff nailed down. Once this release is done I will probably put a poll asking what is wanted next and if that’s more passes then try to get a list of the passes people want…

@CellarLab I’m thinking a ‘PBR’ set of passes that output most of the Principled BSDF inputs without any other influences (unlike the blender versions) and maybe like isolated passes for texture normals vs surface normals so you can get separate maps of them…