Bake Wrangler - Node based baking tool set

Is the templates option working? When I select it, it says to set up a search path in the addon preferences but I don’t see any option to set a path other than the default path.
I tend to use the same bake patterns for most models so I’d like to be able to recall templates.

I don’t know about any templates option… I think maybe another add-on is responsible for it? I haven’t added anything to set up a template. It’s just something I was considering adding in the future.

Currently if you want to reuse a set up, you can just use the ‘Append…’ option in the File menu and select the .blend file that has the node tree. (There will be a ‘folder’ called NodeTree and your trees will be inside it)

You could also add commonly used ones to your Startup file.

It’s in the Add dropdown menu. But it does look look a bit like something that might be added automatically.

OK, that I can do. Thanks.

I tried that on an earlier RC but it didn’t work. But I’ll give it another go.

Aside from that the addon is working perfectly for my needs.

I haven’t actually confirmed that saving them in your startup file works, I just didn’t see a reason why it wouldn’t… In versions ages ago the trees weren’t set to have a ‘fake user’ on creation, so that probably would have caused them to get removed when you saved the file. They now start with that set so that saving the file won’t remove them for being ‘unused’.

it’s been a while since I’ve caught up with this project, what’s the differences between minimum, indy, and commercial?

Currently there is no difference in the product, it’s just a license for your intended usage. Minimum is aimed at hobby type users that wouldn’t expect to make money.

I will likely be making pre-release versions and such available to the higher tiers, but I don’t plan on crippling features in the lower tiers. You should pick the one that fits your budget and usage.

It does work. I must have messed up when I tried it earlier.

If you were using a really, really early version of the beta, it’s possible it wasn’t working then!

I’m not sure if user created templates are something I should look at adding? It’s pretty easy to just import them from a library .blend…

I feel like I could make something more powerful, but a bit less flexible where you select some objects, press a button, choose a few options and it automatically tries to create the bake ‘recipe’ for your work flow. Though that’s a bit of a pie in the sky feature at this point.

I’ve also decided to cut the $5 option going forward. Consider it a first stable release sale price :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s simply too low for the amount of work I have put and am planning to put into this add-on…

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I’m also wondering if anyone would be interested in being a tester for new releases or even just donate some of their existing (complex) .blends they have been baking for me to test on.

I have a few scenes set up that I run new versions through, but some complicated real world use cases would probably help. Also if you wanted to be a tester you would obviously get access to new stuff faster as well as be able to help shape how new things end up working and make sure they are compatible with your work flow. All I would want is for you to run some of your existing files through the new version and make sure you get the expected outputs and to also play around with any new features.