Bake Wrangler - Node based baking tool set

I will have a look at it, maybe I can disable it automatically when you bake or something. At one point I was considering just disabling all add-ons when baking, but I was unsure if this might cause problems in some situations.

Maybe I could make it a preference which will be turned on by default. Since it’s more likely another add-on will cause problems than it is likely the bake wont work properly without them…

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I installed v1.1 manually, then turned off blender, and changed the 1.1 folder to 1.2. I successfully installed 1.2.

The setting must be connected to another node and set to linear.
If it is not set, it will use srgb output.


just curious - would BakeWrangler be able to bake complex materials like this:

Multiple node groups, multiple mixed BSDFs, multiple UV channels used, etc…?

Sort of depends what you have in those groups. If you have view-dependent parameters driving the mix nodes for example, then it will probably give incorrect or nonsensical results. BW works best when you have a single disney shader at the end.

No, nothing like that. Nothing that should be unbakeable. The problem is I know how hideously broken Blender’s baking system is, so while it’s not impossible, it’s very difficult to get a baking addon right because of just how many things can go wrong.

Yeah, exactly… I’d expect any baker to work well if it’s just one BSDF at the end. That’s why I asked.

I mean, I think I’ve done some bakes with mix nodes blending disney shaders, and it came out ok, but whether that will hold up for a really complex material, hard to say.

BW can can handle all the mix nodes fine, but I can’t say if it will handle your node groups without knowing what’s in them. It will certainly try, but if even one of the groups can’t be worked out it will just write the whole material off as unbakable.

I was thinking of having it replace inputs with holdout shaders or something and bake the parts it can figure out. But that would probably just be really confusing and people often don’t notice messages in the log saying stuff about their materials.

In any case, given number of node groups you’re using it seems likely at least one of them will fail and cause the whole material not to be baked. That said, you could also probably correct any problems and have it work so long as you don’t use any types of shader that cannot be baked. It also depends on what passes you want to perform, since some will work regardless of the material set up.

Would it be possible to perhaps send you the files to try? The reason I am looking for an addon is because Blender can’t bake metallic channel. I just need to pump out basic PBR set: BaseColor, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive and AO.

Yeah you can send me it, I also need to know what maps you want to bake.

There are also a few tweaks I could make to the material processing system, since technically I could extract albedo, roughness and metalness values from some non-pbr shaders if I make a few assumptions…