Bake Wrangler - Node based baking tool set

Okay I’ve found the problem! I didn’t realise this, but Blender only lets you have 8 UV maps on an object!?

I didn’t account for this in my UDIM code, so if your object has too many tiles (or existing maps) it fails when this 8 UV map limit is exceeded.

In your case, each object has 2 UV maps, which means it can have a maximum of 6 tiles. So a workaround for you would be to make sure a single object only uses 6 UDIM tiles. One of your objects has 8 tiles, which breaks it (I never tested having so many tiles).

I mainly create a UV map per tile because it made nice debugging information to be able to see what each tile looked like in the editor. But I will have to change how it interacts with the UV maps to avoid this problem…

Спасибо большое за быстрый ответ. Я должен изменить uv’s.

I don’t read Russian, but you’re welcome… I will make a fix for it if you want to wait. But otherwise changing the UVs will solve it for now.

:joy: Sorry! Yes I want to wait for it

Hi there! I’d like to thank you @netherby for this wonderful add-on. Baking felt hopeless before this, now it’s a breeze!

After having used it for awhile, I thought of a some small suggestion that would be nice to have:

Would it be possible to add a object picker to Input Mesh fields? I’d prefer to just click on the objects that I want to bake instead of typing the names. Would that be possible?

Another thing that I was wondering is if it’s possible to duplicate a Bake Recipe? Or should I just create a new one, and copy form another recipe the nodes?

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I could probably have a picker thing… If you use the Objects node, it has a button to add currently selected objects into it.

There isn’t actually a simple way to duplicate a recipe. You can easily import them from other files, but the easiest way to duplicate one in an existing file is to copy and past. The way it’s supposed to work is that when you create a new recipe, it would create a duplicate of the current one (that is in line with how materials operate). But it turns out its actually really complicated to make that happen. I have some ideas for how to do it, and I plan on trying to fix it eventually. I just didn’t think it was important enough to spend a lot of time on compared to other stuff!


Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it.

Yeah no rush with that. I can copy and paste for the time being.

I changed the Uv’s and its work. Thanks you very much.

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I’ve discovered that there is actually a range of bugs with UDIM involving materials that means they also don’t work properly with masking enabled or with any of the PBR passes >_<

Apparently no one uses them for that though so it was never reported… Soo that is going to delay my fix on the maximum tile issue until I figure out a solution for these other problems as well…

(UDIMs currently work correctly only with Blender passes without masking and when you have less than a combined total of 8 tiles and uv maps per object)

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Great addon, i wanted to ask how do i setup object names for udims , in my example i have 3 objects each on their own tile but i havent found way to give correspoding filenames.
Thank in advance.

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You just need to add the File Names node like so:

Then the name of the object will be added to the filename. So you would get normamap.Cube.low.1001 etc… Basically you need to name your objects such that they give you the filename you want or use a script to rename them after to the format you want (You can add a python script to the batch node to get executed after the bake to rename things for example).

If someone has a better idea for a system that will work for naming files I’m open to ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

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There will be a small update to fix some UDIM issues and add a couple of random things in a day or two. Just need to test it a bit more.


I have uploaded a new version (v1.2.1) with some bug fixes around UDIMs and a couple of other minor fixes and changes:

  • UDIMs should bake correctly for all pass types (including masking) and for any number of tiles and uv maps now. Blenders 8 UV map limit caused problems in the old version and materials were being processed per tile instead of per object which messed things up for some passes.

  • Added multiple inputs to the File Names node for greater convenience and fixed a bug where including objects in the name field that were not in the bake would potentially break things.

  • You can now ctrl-click the status bar icon or use the button in the node editor side panel to open the last log created. Really just for debugging, but it means you don’t have to find the file.


Does this addon have a function to automatically apply the baked map to the material after baking the pbr map? It’s a feature often found in other Baking addons, but I’m curious what the Bake wrangler is like.

There isn’t an automatic application of the baked materials. There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly that I don’t like to make changes to peoples files, secondly that Bake Wrangler allows you to bake whatever you want and combine the results in all sorts of interesting ways.

It’s not simply a PBR baker, so it’s not actually clear how a material might be set up in a lot of cases.

That being said, I did originally plan on having an automatic material generation system. You could do this yourself with a post bake script (in batch node). But I might still add something like this that works for just simple texture sets in the future.

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Oh ! understood. If there is an option to automatically import baked images into the scene, it seems like it could save time. But I have one more question. I am trying to store different information in each rgba channel. R: Roughness, G: Metallic, B: Specular, A: Emission png. I saved it as .tif and there was no problem with rgb, but the A channel is not added as intended. Is there something I’m missing?

Add images

  1. Bake your material
  2. In the same material you have baked, create a new principled BSDF
  3. Load all your baked maps, set them up the way you like, and plug them into the new principled BSDF
  4. You can then simply plug this baked material into the material output node if you want to see the baked one, or plug the unbaked result into the node if you want the unbaked one. If you have NodeWrangler enabled, then it’s just a matter of Ctrl+Shift clicking between the two.

Your set up looks fine… Is there anything in the emission bake? If you use a different file format does it work?

The .tga file was baked the way I wanted it to. Can only the tagra file save the alpha channel separately?

Add images

I use alpha with PNGs all the time. Only formats that support alpha should show the alpha socket, unless there is a bug…

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