Baked beans Arrrgh!

So I have this render. I can’t get the sauce right at all this is the best i’ve come up with. Its really not great though any help would be great.

Here is my node setup for the sauce

I plan to add some bump to the can as it looks a little too smooth. Nothing crazy but just to break it up a little. Any help with the sauce would be great.

Might want to coat the beans in the sauce and have little pools around them, unless they look dry in real life. You could even buy a can of these if they’re still around, or just any old baked beans, spill them in the way you have here, and then take a picture as reference.

Also you might want to adjust the DoF to accomidate a focal point. Right now it’s only focusing on the can, whereas I’d think you’d probably want to see both the spilt beans and the can. Hope that helps!

Hey thanks for the reply. I wanted to coat the beans in sauce but had no idea how I’d go about doing it? Little puddles is easy enough so I’ll do that next. I did have the DoF on the can as I wanted it to eventually be a print ad with the slogan “Spill the beans”. Don’t ask me why just popped in my head to do it one day.

The can is amazing! The beans need a little work like fusobotic has mentioned. But great job overall!

Thanks, if anyone know how to add sauce on the beans it’d be great. I’m thinking of using a fluid simulator over the top of them, but I’d rather an easier/quicker method if anyone knows one. Also any help with the sauce material, it doesn’t look great as is

So i’ve added some more beans. I put little puddles under there rogue beans and did a little colour correction. I used the fluid simulation for the sauce coming out of the can in stead of the plane I had in the earlier model.

I’m looking to maybe add some sauce on/over the beans but not sure how to go about it as yet. Will research.

how about using meta-surfaces so the bean sauce and the sauce sauce merge. you could pre-coat each bean in a meta-bean-sauce-ball, and use a meta surface for the sauce. then when it was all together, you could convert the metasurface to a mesh, and sculpt the edges of the sauce puddle.

Can looks great! The beans are too small though, and too few.

Thanks, I’m not sure about meta surfaces. I’m looking into that now. I think I will add some more beans to see how it looks with those in there.

you could also use fluid sim to cover the beans

happy bl