Baked displacement include the base mesh in the output

Hi everyone,

i am stuck with this issue for a few hours now, when i try to bake a simple sculpt from an high poly sphere to a low poly one, the low poly mesh is printed in the displacement output:

How can i get ride of this of this printed mesh on my displacement map?

Thank you.

Add a subdivision modifier to the low poly object before baking.

The thing here is that each poly in the lowres object is flat, but the surface from the highres is curved… This makes the displacement value at the center of those polys to be greater than their corners.
If your lowres is later to be subdivided with ‘Simple’ method, this bake will be correct. On the other hand, if you use ‘Catmull-Clark’, then you need to use this subdivision at the baking phase also.

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Thank you so much secrop! I was so desperate!
Adding subdivision surface to the low poly mesh during the bake completely do the trick!