Baked Goodies

Haven’t tried out Blender in quite a while for cg work. 3dsmax User.

This is a small cg scene by me using only Blender.I handpainted all the textures (except for baked normal maps for the smaller cakes & meatpie) using Blender’s texturing tools. This is the raw render straight out of Blender using Cycles with no post process work done. No photo textures were used. No HDR image.


Pretty cool, but the strawberries look too…
Un random? I mean the little dots around the strawberries.

There could be little less of them and they could be in a “not so perfect position”.
But it might be just me.
But I like the image. :slight_smile:


Thanks. U do have a point. Noticed it after I finished rendering. Haven’t used Blender for cg for more than 2 years now. Been using 3dsmax.

Followed this tutorial. Probably should have sculpted them and the seeds. I did this to refamilarise myself with Blender.A lot of changes has gone into Blender since then.Now I know Blender better and would go about it differently. If I have time, I will redo the strawberries and post the update. Thanks for the crit, mate.

why do you guys even make these, makes me hungry >:C

@Blade113 Haha… Thanks, mate.

Hi, redid the strawberries. Raw render from Cycles. Same handpainted textures et al as the previous renders: