Baked Normals + PBR = sexy

GSL(regular) vs GSL(PBR)

we need PBR in the game engine by default :smiley:

we need PBR in the game engine by default

Haha, No we don’t that’s what baking is for :wink: Nice test, I love how normal maps can greatly improve performance and simulate a mesh with higher geometry.

yeah, but the rendering algorithm at sketchfab is very pretty,

want to get a hold of easy game by Mpan, and see what his
pbr system does/compares to sketchfab and current game engine.

been working on making an game in the game engine, but there is some gsl geometry instancing shader magic I need first…

It’s not pbr at least not cycles pbr quality and I doubt any game will ever be, mainly because of the rendering times to compute. All they are using is a some good gsl shaders to do the reflections.

Check out our fellow blender artists channel.

He’s put in some good work when it comes to shaders in the bge. I assume all you’re wanting is real time reflective, glossy shaders. You can find his thread in the bge section.

we have realtime cubemaps. hg1 wrote it, its just resource intensive.

cam the cubemaps be used in the blender internal viewport?

I dont think so at the moment :frowning:

side note!

I got staff picked over at sketchFab :smiley:

Ha! got it working in the bge!