Baked texture comes out wrong

The upper left is the set up: stack of pallets with cushions on top, one sun lamp, background plane. Lower left, checked normals, they seem to be fine. Next to that is the UV unwrap I used for baking. On the lower right is the noodle I used to create the texture (3.jpg is a wood grain image texture) and, after baking, as you can see in the upper right, there are black areas sort of randomly places on the mesh.

I have no idea why it isn’t baking properly. I’m using v2.81.16. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


I spot both textures are set to sRGB when you really want non-colour for normals…?

I used color because I’m coloring the faces of the mesh. Not sure why I’d need non-color data, but I can try changing one or both and see what happens.