Bakemania distress

dude i dont know how to bake ,stuufff when i press bake ,a message nothing to bake appears

what do u do before you bake ? can u explain using the default cube
man i just cant get this to bake:spin:


Have you unwrapped your mesh and do you have an empty image loaded to the UV Editor?

Hmm default cube:
UV window -> Image -> New

It will bake to the new image, according to UV layout

oh now i get it i didnt know u head to unwrap first,what if its a whole scene lets say trees and all i have to unwrap them all than bake ahh now i get it thanks

That part took me a while too.

wow now i have a couple of objects in the scene do i have to unwarp and bake them all individually? isnt there a way to bake the whole scene? how

I think it just goes along with the whole texturing thing, you have to unwrap them or there is no where to put the information =/

press u and do unwrap (smart projection) and turn up margin to like .1 - .2 ish too

that ones pretty quick it will only take ya like 15 seconds