Bakersfield, new animation WIP

This was for fun. I did not make the well pump. Thanks to Cigüena Petrolera at blender swap for the pump.

cool intro. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at first, so it was kind of surprising when the bits formed into an object.

it was going to have a sign Bakersfield but a script I want to use for animation is not yet finished. also i will do my own pumping Unit make it bigger and make the horse head more pointed. Yep I know about these things. had one out side my window when I was young skaweek skweek…they really are relaxing .

I just finished this and want to redo it all. To save render time I put images for the corn field. I think I want to remove corn from one side of road and use the corn field mesh. I can’t really move the camera with a image of the corn.
I modeled the lizard using XAD’s lizard as a reference. I plan a little work on the road and I want to put the rest of the ground in the trash.
So what do you think? What can I fix?
Maybe now I will try cycles…I don’t know.
There is a snake (already modeled and rigged) and the 2 are talking and the snake persuades the lizard to cross the road saying “you know what happens to my kind on the road” so to see how far is the town Bakersfield.