BakeTool 2.1 in Development! New Maps and AA!

Great, I hope you can make it quickly.

It’s actually a bug in blender. It’s already reported.

Timers are globals, so unless you override you can’t use context in it. Also recent changes in threading might even broke this (maybe run in another tread …)

Alternatives are

It was confirmed as a bug by Sergey. I have a workaround for it if it’s not be fixed but i think it’s best to wait since the workaround will introduce some limitations to the baketool.


Thank you very much for this information, I hope Sergey will be able to fix this quickly.

Have we got an ETA on a fix for the Bake tool for 2.8 by any chance? With the latest blender build and a new download of the tool, it seems to be kinda working. If you did put out an update, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

The bug was fixed in blender by sergey so baketool is working again.
If you have any problem please contact us inbox in blendermarket.

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It’s still not working on mac. What do i need to do to give you an report?

bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_settings.profile_type = ‘BLENDER’
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_settings.profile_type = ‘BAKETOOL’
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_pass.Pass[0].type_simple = ‘ROUGHNESS’
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_settings.profile_type = ‘BLENDER’
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_pass.Pass[0].samples = 10
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_settings.profile_type = ‘BAKETOOL’
bpy.context.area.ui_type = ‘CONSOLE’
bpy.context.area.ui_type = ‘INFO’
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_settings.profile_type = ‘BLENDER’
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_pass.Pass[0].custom_output = “”
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_pass.Pass[0].custom_output = “”
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_pass.Pass[0].custom_output = “”
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_pass.Pass[0].custom_output = “”
bpy.context.scene.BakeTool_Jobs.Jobs[0].job_settings.render_device = ‘CPU’

if i press bake, nothing happens

Hi ollah.
Please contact us in Blendermarket inbox. We need some help to test fixes for MacOS.

Mathieu from ECycles has a very good denoising for Indirect and direct diffuse.
Here the post. 16 samples denoised.

Do you see an way to support it additionally in BakeTool.
Would be great.
The speedup would be worth it.

Another question. Is PrincipledBaker automatically setting the tile size to the texure resolution of the bake?

Hi sasa42
I’m have no longer the subscription of E-Cycles. I had it for a while but since i did not use it frequently i canceled it.

Is PrincipledBaker automatically setting the tile size to the texure resolution of the bake?

I can be wrong but the Tile Size has no influence in the bake process in blender AFAIK. We don’t change it in Baketool.

Hi there, can your addon bake correct displacement map in 2.8 by correct i mean as good as in Xnormal?

Thanks for the fast answer.
The Intel Denoiser OIDN is on his way to get an official integration.
However. It s a longer process and the devs weren t completly behind it from beginning. What has changed.

The speed up for bakes is totally great. Factor 3x to 8x depending on pass by needing much less samples.
Here some great examples.See mainly blue room demo in video.

I think it an chance to show the Blender dev team the potential to probably accelerate the integration.
E Cycles does an great job by allowing to test these special needs faster for use it production. He has everything integrated.

For an complete productive use to show real potential an Bake Tool special “batch do denoise after bake” would be enough.
I think it s only fireing the compositor nodes for the bake result.

Out of my point of view everyone would benefit.
Much faster baking for everyone.
Get it faster to official Blender and
for ECycles as primer to show of special needs and develop optimisations earlier
So a win win win.

FYi. Have a look.) TileSize. Came accross these. Did it wrong for years, too.

Hi. Baketool is only a more streamlined way to use the Blender Bake system. If the result in vanilla blender is not correct it will not be correct in Baketool. That said we handle automatically most of the necessary and hidden bake settings such Color Correction to make sure the Bake will be as correct as possible.

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Thank for the reply and that make sense!

Hi guys!
This is our Roadmap for the next releases. None of those was finished yet but this is our goal for the next in Baketool.

  • To implement other non native PBR Maps such Metallic and IDMap.
  • Finish the new docs Webpage.
  • Automatically set the UV Input Node to all Image Nodes that require it at materials.
  • Enable support to Render to Target without needed to have overlapped objects.
  • The new Error/Warning Report System. (Today all errors are only shown at console)



FYI.Maximum fun.
UDIM painting and bake is working and available in 2.81 experimental daily builds.


could you repair this bug?

Job 1
who bakes
3 passes
my diffuse direct indirect pass (first pass in Screenshot)
will be overwritten from the diffuse color pass (second pass in Screenshot).
because both get the name Job_1_DIFFUSE.exr

Right naming would be the pass name.

rty dot did not worked for me.

You’re right. We note here to fix. As a temporary workaround you can put it in another job