BakeTool 2.5 Released for Blender 3.0!

It’s a great pleasure to inform that BakeTool was Released in CGCookieMarketing

BakeTool is the In-House solution developed by Cogumelo Softworks for Bake Rendering with Cycles. For those that work with Interactive Ambient , Arch Viz, Games… and need a Bake Solution for your Assets, Full scenes, High Poly to Low Poly Normal Maps and others, Bake Tool is just what you need.


What is the BakeTool?
BakeTool is a add-on for blender 2.71 or above that redesign the way that Cycles Bake work with a more coherent and easier workflow.

Do i Need It?
The way that Cycles Render workflow works today is too slow and complicated to handle large scenes and for daily usage. If you need to bake assets or scenes in a more easy, fast and safety way BakeTool is just what you need.

What Features BakeTool Have?

BakeTool was designed for a In House solution, so it have everything that a studio need to bake your scenes such as:

  • Safety and Easy: BakeTool don’t mess your materials, scene, or objects. just configure it as if for Cycles and Bake!
  • Multi Pass: Configure how much pass you want setting individual devices, sizes and samples and bake it at once!
  • Assets or Full Scenes: Just add the objects that you want to Bake to the List with the “Selected to List” button.
  • Individual or Atlas Mode: You can bake objects as Individual Textures per pass or Join everything in a single Atlas per pass.
  • Bake to Target: You want to Bake High to Low Poly models or just Bake to a single Object? Just use Bake to Target!
  • Auto Save Externally and Pack in .Blend: Don’t Messy your texture library, total safety internal and external save
  • Auto Config Image Format: Just select the format, we change all parameters for give to you the best File Size/Quality
  • New Pack UV Space Function: Problems with Overlapped UVs in multiple Objects? No anymore! BakeTool have it own Pack UV Space Function that make the active UV of selected objects in a Big Atlas without Overlaps!
  • More Coming!

Why should I buy it?
We are a small studio from Brazil, and we have done already some great things for Blender such as Graph Themeand BoolTool add-on. Now we need raise some money to keep developing Baketool and our other Add-ons. We want to help BF to keep blender development as well, so we’re assigning 10% of all sales for the BF Development Found, that’s our way to say Thanks to BF for all the good stuff that they have done.
On top of it BakeTool is the Best solution for Cycles Bake in the Marketing, so if you just want a tool to work with Bake, BakeTool is what you need!


vitorbalbio it is very interesting addon)
I have only one remark.
Sometimes in game production need to make maps not only square (512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 …) but also rectangular, for example 512x1024, 1024х2048.
You should be able, if necessary, choose separate X and Y value.
Sorry for my english)

Very handy, I would like to see it released =)

wow! This is super usefull. I tested the current baking but after a while I stopped because the workflow is too dangerous for my projects :). With this addon I would definitely start using baking. The only think that I miss is the ability to save presets which would allow great speedup with more complex setup.

Okay I am interested so please release it as soon as you can, I like Football too, not soccer the world knows the proper name :slight_smile:

Its cool! I like it!

Looks good. Interested.

That looks good, you write nice code.

I could have used this exact kind of tool a couple of days ago when I was manually saving each texture layer. I’m definitely interested and willing to pay if the price is right.

Sometimes in game production need to make maps not only square (512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 …) but also rectangular, for example 512x1024, 1024х2048.

It can be add, noted :rolleyes:

Nice to see there’s some people interested on it. We will follow this week seeing about what’s the best price and place to put it to sell, probably we will try to put it in cgcookiemarketing. there’s some others suggestions or things that you would like to see on it?

What about my suggestion to add presets for this addon? :cool:

I Forgot about it, noted to add too :wink:
But can be necessary some hard coding for that, probably will be added in 1.1 version.

Today our TODO List is:

  • 1.0 Release:

  • Add support to all Cycles Passes

  • Finish the support for Multiple Formats (EXR,BMP,PNG,TIFF…)

  • Add support to non square texture

  • 1.1 Release:

  • Group Support

  • Presets Support

  • Pass UI Improvements


Remember that All Updates will be free for buyers.

Great! Looking forward to see the release!

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting (and asking) for with Cycles baking! You’ll have my support, guaranteed.

We was approved as a CgCookieMarketing vendor, we’re finishing the 1.0 version to release until the weekend. :wink:

TODO 1.0 Release:

  • Add support to all Cycles Passes ( DONE! )
  • Finish the support for Multiple Formats (EXR,JPEG,PNG,TIFF) (DONE!)
  • Automatic auto config export settings for best quality / file size ( DONE! )
  • Add support to non square texture (In Development)
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That is awesome news, and so fast!

Fantastic! I could see this easily becoming the top selling product on the Market. Until/unless the devs tackle the built in Bake UI.

This is brilliant @vitorbalbio.

Very much looking forward to having this on the market.

This is brilliant @vitorbalbio.
Very much looking forward to having this on the market.

Thanks, hope it can be useful for a lot of people :yes:

New Video

Complete list of updates and new features tomorrow :wink:

hey vitor,

i’m not very experienced with arnold and even less with baking in arnold/blender.
what i need for game characters is a way to apply a normalmap to the final lowpoly mesh and bake a lightmap including the hipoly details from this normalmap.
is this something that would be possible with this addon?

cheers christian

btw. do you like soccer? ;))