Baking a complex mesh with multiple materials

Hey everyone! So I have this car model in my scene (photo attached) which I textured almost completely procedurally. And I want to export all of these materials so that I can use them in Unreal. I am a lazy person so I don’t want separate textures for every single part of the car. Is it possible that If I join all the parts together and bake all materials at once to be used in Unreal? Or does anyone know any workflow that’ll help? Thanks!

It is possible.
First unwrap the model so there’s no unwanted UV overlapping. Than add a Texture Image Node with the target image to EACH material and select it (in every material). Bake.

In case you don’t want to join the different parts together, either bake parts one by one to the same image…
Or make a copy of the model, join it, bake and delete.

Either way, don’t forget to save/pack bakes or they sometimes can be lost when you least expect.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll try doing that!