Baking a displacement map

I urgently need to texture a head and I’ve been trying to create a displacement map for it. When I bake the map, it always comes out as purely grey (flat). I know there’s loads of tutorials on this but nothing seems to help. I’ve added the multiresolution modifier to it.
Please help.

Please provide Screenshot or .blend of what we are talking about :slight_smile:

If you are using a multi res sculpt, you will need to turn the preview down to 0 (or whatever your final export will be) and you may need to uncheck subdivide UV’s

without a blend file???

but a few things
make SURE you are in blender render and NOT!!! cycles
make sure your UV mapping is done in blender render AND NOT CYCLES

then are you using a multi res ? or some other thing like a sphere or cube( for a cube map)

and WHAT!!! format are you saving it???
openexr and 32 bit is what i use
but a 16 bit tiff can also be used for some things

Everything’s in Blender internal and I’ve unchecked subdivide UV’s. Still can’t do it.
Here’s the file.