Baking a Normal Map

I’ve been working on procedurally generating a texture which renders beautify inside blender but when I want to bake the Normal map to use externally, I find that the bumps have light/dark bias in one direction (from top left to bottom right or vice versa).

I’ve tried a myriad of many different combinations, I hope someone can offer some advice.

After relearning the basics of normal mapping I realised I needed to set bake to object or global. So now I have half reasonable normal map but now I get this tennis ball lighting effect:

And this is what my generated normal map looked like:

Any suggestions?

Could this be a linear/gamma space thing? Try toggling if you can?



What light/dark bias??? It’s a tangent-space normal map, no lights here, only normal direction. But if you think there’s something wrong with it, show us what you don’t like, and most importantly, how you bake it.

Thanks for the replies. Stan: Yeah, that was me misunderstanding how normals worked. I have since read multiple normal map tutorials and built a much better understanding! It turned out that I didn’t do anything wrong originally, the particular program has a bug with the shader, So here is the result with the original tangent normal map and working code: