Baking a sound to an F-Curve and transforming/modifying it

Hello, I am new to these forums, and have a question about a simple sound-to-fcurve animation. I have an object, a cube, that has a rotation and location animation in the first 50 frames in my project, it ends at location (3.something, 4.something, 2.something). I then want it to animate its z-location to a audio track I have (Bake sound to F-curve), but when I bake the sound to the f-curve, all previous animation is lost and the animation starts at 0 and then up, while my object was supposed to be at (3,4,2). I’ve googled and searched these forums, but have found nothing. Is this even possible?

If my description needs any clarification please tell me.

In graph editor do you have only z location selected? Upper left, select there. It will bake to every key frame selected.

Yes, it only resets the z-location. Also my posts are still being reviewed, so my replies will be a bit delayed.

I suppose that all posts are reviewed on this forum.

Bump. Can anyone help me with this??

You could create one action for the translation and another action for the sound curve. Then you could use the NLA editor to combine them

Thank you! I don’t have time to try it out, but from what it looks like a combination of actions in the NLA editor and @Atom’s driver will probably work.