Baking a specular map


I’m relatively new to Blender, I know how to do basic stuff like making shapes, applying textures or using Subsurf. I’m using Blender to make simple graphics for a project of mine, I don’t need realistic graphics.

I’m mostly using the color and specular color of the materials to color my detailed models and I use them to create textures and specular maps for my low detail models with the baking tool (I’m not so good at making texture maps by hand). I already know how to use the baking tool to create the texture maps, but not the specular maps. Could someone please explain this to me ?

Like I said, I’m still a newb, so please be detailed in your instructions. If you just say something like “Set your spec to color.”, I have absolutely no idea how to do something like that and, unfortunately, that’s the only kind of instructions I could find so far…

Thank you very much.

Easy ! :slight_smile: Simply turn the specular textures to be temporaly affecting the colors, and turn off the color textures, and then abke :smiley:
Have fun

Thank you for your answer. However, as I have already mentioned, I don’t use specular textures in my high detail models. I use the specular color of the materials. I want to bake them into texture and specular maps for my low poly models (and also possibly normal maps, but I already know how to do that). Can it be done this way ?

Well. I think what you want is that the highlights are permanent and don’t need to be computated in real time by the game engine. Of course, this can be done, but it will be severely unrealistic, because the reflections faked by the speculars won’t change according to the viewing angle…
So, well, then, enlighten your scene with an omnidirectional lighting as much as possible, and then bake the whole render. It will make speculars appear but they won’t move then. I hope this answered your question. :slight_smile:
(for the omnidirectional lighting, you can begin with 4 areas to make a cube, and then refine this shape to a sort of sphere around the model. You can also use hemi lamps I think)
Ciao :slight_smile:

No, I don’t think that this is what he is looking for.

He has a model with several materials. The materials have differnet specular settings. The question (as I understood) is, if it’s possible to bake these different specular settings for all materials into ONE specular map for the whole model.

I also tried to find a way to do this, but I didn’t succeed :frowning:

Thank you, you understood me perfectly :yes: I’m sorry to learn you haven’t found how to do it either. Well, considering Blender’s exemplary user friendliness (sarcasm :rolleyes:), I won’t give up hope that some one knows a way just yet. I just hope I won’t have to temporarily set the color of all my materials to the same value as their specular color, that would be a very inefficient way to do it :(…